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Inspection of engineering structures in compliance with DIN 1076

We perform the following on your behalf:
  • Key inspections
  • Simple inspections
  • Inspections for special reasons

The results are documented with the program SIB-Bauwerke and compiled in inspection reports and construction manuals.

Our services comprise:

  • Inspection of structures pursuant to DIN 1076 and registration of damage to structures
  • Compilation of object-related damage analyses in compliance with RI-EBW-PRÜF
  • Recommendations for further measures
  • Generation of structure manuals
  • Acquisition of static conditions

Basis of the inspection of engineering structures is DIN 1076 Ingenieurbauwerke im Zuge von Straßen und Wegen, Überwachung und Prüfung" [Engineering structures within the course of roads and paths, surveillance and inspection] in conjunction with the regulation "RI-EBW-PRÜF".
Once every six years street constructions are subjected to a main “inspection” and once in three years to a “simple inspection”.

The inspection of engineering structures represents a key component for the Bauwerk-Management-System (BMS) [Structure Management System]. Standard complete, reliable and comparable inventory and status data as well as their continuous updating represent an important basis.

The registration and evaluation of damage therefore has to reflect a standard level irrespective of the inspecting engineer, so that on the one h and not only risks and damage can be reliably identified and classified and on the other hand to ensure that repair funds are implemented in the most effective way.

Inspection of engineering structures in compliance with DIN 1076

Example of an Inspection Report