Ingenieurbüro MANN
Aiming high, but always on the safe side.

Structural engineering

Industrial construction, municipal structural engineering

At our office we have been planning and accompanying structural engineering projects for more than 10 years as construction supervisors. The service spectrum comprises urban development services besides planning structural engineering projects in the municipal and industrial sector. 


Municipal structural engineering
  • Gymnasiums
  • Fire stations
  • Renovation and refurbishment of schools
  • Day-care centres for children

Industrial structural engineering
  • Office buildings
  • Workshop buildings
  • Vehicle depots

Area development planning
  • Land development plans
  • Project and infrastructure plans


  • Renovation of office building in Leipzig, Sommerfelder Straße 
  • Construction of new business premises Rohrsanierungsges. mbH Leipzig

Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz - Osterzgebirge [Saxon Switzerland]
  • New construction Fire Department in Wilsdruff,urban district Herzogswalde 
  • New construction Einfeldsporthalle in Wilsdruff, urban district Kesselsdorf  
  • Land development plan, residential area "Pesterwitzer Straße" in Freital-Wurgwitz 

City of Zwenkau
  • Land development plan Zwenkau, urban district Rüssen