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Sewerrehabilitation (DWA)

The following services are performed on our part on behalf of public and private contractors:

Determination of requirements
  • Consulting, preparing, bidding procedure and surveillance of status data acquisition (TV inspection, leak tests and other procedures)
  • Review and evaluation of already performed TV inspections
  • Transfer and processing of data in canal data bases
  • Evaluation pursuant to all established classification models
  • Identification of relevant basic conditions
  • Harmonisation with the existing drainage plans, if applicable, correction or redefinition – comparative cost methods and cost analyses
  • Execution of dynamic efficiency calculations
  • Generation of rehabilitation concepts taking the constructional, hydraulic and environmentally relevant aspects into account

Planning and construction surveillance
  • Planning and bidding procedure for canal rehabilitation measures including drainage of landed property
  • Regional construction surveillance
  • Documentation of rehabilitation measures in canal databases
  • Commissioning and scheduling the necessary measures in agreement with the client and the executing special companies
  • Handling the complete correspondence with the competent authorities and offices, as well as procuring any and all documents, e.g. plans, leak test protocols, necessary applications, approvals etc.


  • Engineering consulting services on all aspects relating to canal inspection and canal rehabilitation
  • Preparing special expertise documents

Due to its diversity, modern canal rehabilitation can only be performed by specialists.

Canal rehabilitation concepts involve cost-intensive decisions which have to be politically justified in particular at regional level. Appropriate planning thus focuses on a long-term preservation of values.

An extensive review takes place prior to detailed concept planning. The data derived from canal inspection, leakage test and a current review form the basis for an appropriate evaluation of the current situation.
Detailed rehabilitation lists with a list of all damages, technically assessed by the planning office and forecasted using current market prices, form the basis for an analysis of the probing performed.



The rehabilitation concept is adapted to the specific situation of the respective awarding authority. Canal network and feasibility calculations, financing options, loss repartition and technical options influence the decision regarding the selected rehabilitation strategy.  

In cooperation with the awarding authority the given concept is harmonised before the implementation in the bidding phase takes place. The durability and in the long term also the costs depend on the detailed preparation and timely specification of quality guidelines. Sewer rehabilitation is not sewer rehabilitation. An unbelievable diversity of procedures and techniques is available.



  • Restoration of combined wastewater sewer Zwenkauer Str. / Krakauer Str. Markranstädt
  • Restoration of combined wastewater line / replacement of drinking water line Paul-List-Straße
  • Restoration of 2nd northern main collector Poetenweg
  • Restoration of the combined wastewater network Waldstraßenviertel
  • Railroad crossing DB, collector DN 1300

AZV Eisleben [association for sewage treatment] - Süßer See [name of lake]
  • Structurally engineered status classification and evaluation, rain water network, Lutherstadt Eisleben (35 km sewer network)

Certified sewer restoration consultant (DWA)