Ingenieurbüro MANN
Surveillance, building safety and quality management.

Project Management / Construction Management

Costs, deadlines and quality are the success criteria of each individual project!
We assume this obligation vis-à-vis our awarding authorities. That is why our engineers focus on accompanying the building projects from the initial idea to final acceptance.

We are aware that compliance with the given requirements with regard to quality, adherence to schedules, fixed price guarantees and cost-effectiveness are of paramount significance.

Support Service on the construction site is one of the special assets of our team.

Our services comprise:
  • Project management
  • Site management
  • Regional site supervision
  • Object management and documentation
  • Overall coordination in project handling
  • Investigations regarding cost effectiveness
  • Operations planning and time scheduling
  • Cost control


  • Restoration of combined waste water line / replacement of drinking water line Paul - List - Straße
  • Replacement of combined waste water line / drinking water line Raschwitzer Straße, Markkleeberg  
  • Drinking water line Torgauer Straße 
  • Replacement of combined waste water line / drinking water line Otto-Schmiedt-Straße 

Verkehrs- und Tiefbauamt Stadt Leipzig [traffic and civil and underground engineering authority]
  • Extension of Miltitzer Straße 
  • Thorough reconstruction of Pfaffendorfer Straße
  • Restoration of top road surface Schönauer Straße, Grünau
  • Restoration of top road surface Brünner Straße, Grünau
  • Restoration of top road surface Wundtstraße

City of Markkleeberg
  • Raschwitzer Straße, thoroughrestoration
  • Housing community Eulenberg, Hopferweg, thorough extension
  • Top roadsurface Prödler Straße
  • Arndtstraße

City of Schkeuditz
  • Extension ofWerlitzscher Straße and Grünstraße, urban districtofGlesien
  • Restoration of top roadsurfaceLeipziger Straße / Äußere Leipziger Straße
  • Restoration of top roadsurface Merseburger Straße
  • Housingdistrict Schwanenweg

City of Zwenkau
  • Thorough extension of Straße der Einheit andpartlyofthealleyWiesenweg, urbandistrictofRüssen-Kleinstorkwitz

Stora Enso GmbH
  • Reorganisation of traffic system, company offices in Eilenburg

BGAG Berlin
  • Drinking water line Merseburg

BFD Domus Bau GmbH
  • Development / access routes to Stadthäuser Arndtstraße / Lößniger Straße

GbR Grauwackenweg
  • Development of the housing district Grauwackenweg Leipzig – Großzschocher – in terms of waste water discharge
  • Replacement of drinking water line