Ingenieurbüro MANN
Surveillance, building safety and quality management.

SiGeKo (Health and Safety Executive)

Health and Safety Executive - Coordinator
  • Safety and Health Coordinator pursuant to the Construction Site Ordinance (RAB 30) and pursuant to BGR 128 [Regulations of the Cooperative Building Association]
  • Expertise pursuant to TRGS 519, Exhibit 3 (asbestos abatement)
  • Expertise pursuant to BGR 128 Exhibit 6 A
  • Technical qualifications pursuant to TRGS 524, Exhibit 2 A (working in contaminated areas)

Our services comprise:
  • Verification of the principles pursuant to §4 ArbSchG [Employment Protection Act] in planning
  • Preparation of an advance notice
  • Preparation of construction site regulations
  • Generation of safety and health protection plans
  • Regional coordination of safety and health protection in compliance with the specifications laid down in BaustellenVO [Construction Site Ordinance]
  • Generation of document for later working on the construction project
  • Coordination in the planning phase
  • Coordination in the implementation phase

Special features:
Coordination of the issues of occupational health and safety and health protection on behalf of the awarding authority during the planning phase (draft planning, detailed engineering etc.).
  • Analysis of planning phases with regard to safety risks and health aspects
  • Elaborating the safety and health protection plan (SiGe-Plan) incl.
  • Adapting via planning phases and detailed engineering phases
  • Coordination with regard to notification requirements, construction site facilities, scheduling, implementation periods etc.
  • Cooperation in the bidding procedure and verification of quotes with regard to the issues concerning safety and health protection
  • Composition of documents

Coordination of issues regarding occupational health and safety and health protection on behalf of the awarding authority during the implementation phase.
  • Registering measures with the German Trade Supervisory Office
  • Continuous updating of cooperating companies and instructing with regard to safety and health protection
  • Clarification of safety-related issues with the companies in concern prior to execution
  • Monitoring compliance with the legal regulations
  • Cooperation in updating the schedule
  • Continuation and completion of the document


Verkehrs- und Tiefbauamt Stadt Leipzig [traffic and civil and underground engineering authority]
  • Top road surface measures Schönauer Straße
  • Top road surface measures Brünner Straße
  • IntersectionRoßplatz / Grünewaldstraße / Universitätsstraße
  • Höfe am Brühl –trafficdevelopment

SiGeKopursuant to BaustellV RAB 30

Special expertise