Ingenieurbüro MANN
The path is the destination.

Road construction / traffic route engineering

Consulting, planning, bidding procedure, construction site management and settlement of projects in the field of traffic planning in moving and stationary traffic as well as points of intersection.

The creation of an optimum infrastructure is the mainspring of economic growth.
One of the key priorities of our office is planning traffic routes in the city and in the countryside. This is highly demanding with regard to achieving a coordination between contracting bodies, local residents and third parties.


Our services comprise the following:
  • Planning traffic systems
  • Traffic routes in the city and in the countryside
  • Points of intersection
  • Traffic calming, pedestrian zones and squares
  • Paths, agricultural roads
  • Promenades and cycle paths
  • Residential streets and local distributor roads
  • Construction of rural farming and forestry roads
  • Facilities and constructions for stationary traffic
  • Real-estate development and infrastructure on landed properties
  • Real-estate development in housing estates and industrial zones
  • Regional planning and development
  • Open-air plants
  • Renewal of top road surfaces (restructuring)



If desired, we also offer complete service packages for the following projects:
  • Inventory survey, preliminary layout and building survey
  • Studies, cost-benefit analyses



General planning division, Stadt Leipzig [municipality]
  • Preliminary planning of all residential streets Kirchbergsiedlung Grünau / Alte Salzstraße

Amt für Stadtsanierung Leipzig [urban redevelopment authority]
  • Planning of Shakespearstraße in the redevelopment zone Leipzig / Süd [southern city district]

Verkehrs- und Tiefbauamt Stadt Leipzig [traffic and civil engineering authority]
Planning of:
  • Hohentichelstraße
  • Fröbelstraße
  • Ernst-Mey-Straße
  • Wolfswinkel
  • Shakespearstraße

City of Markkleeberg

Planning of:
  • Top road surfaceon Hemminger Bogen and Hopfenweg
  • ThoroughreconstructionofRaschwitzer Straße
  • Hauptstraße
  • August-Bebel-Straße
  • Korbitzschstraße
  • Extension of Ringstraße
  • Arndtstraße
  • Extension of Kirchallee 
  • Top road surface on Prödeler Straße

City of Zwenkau
  • Cycle path Rüssen-Kleinstorkwitz
  • External facilities at the school
  • Thorough reconstruction of Straße der Einheit and partially of the alley Wiesenweg, urban district Rüssen - Kleinstorkwitz

City of Schkeuditz
  • Extension of Werlizscher Straße and Grünstraße, urban districtGlesien
  • Reconstruction of top road surface Merseburger Straße
  • Driveways and pavements Am Oberen Anger, urban district Radefeld

Stadt Markranstädt
  • Housingestate Schwanenweg

Stora Enso GmbH
  • Reorganisation of traffic system, company head office in Eilenburg und production of inventory documents

GVZ Sachsen [cargo transport centre]
  • Access road to the cargo transport centre 

City of Henningsdorf
  • Planning 6 residential streets

BGAG [trade union holding company]
  • Development of properties at Von-Harnack-Straße, between Luther- and Markwartstraße, Merseburg
  • Establishment of parking lots with access to Markwartstraße / Reinefahrtstraße
  • Leunasiedlung [housing estate], planning parking space

  • New construction of hangar and parking area, study to dissipate surface water