Ingenieurbüro Mann
Civil Engineering requires experience.

Civil and underground engineering / sanitary environmental engineering

Supply and waste disposal linked to a claim for high quality of life. These tasks require top engineering performance to maintain and manage valuable resources.

Over 30 years ago the foundation of our experience was laid by the civil and underground engineering office in projecting the perspectives of municipal engineering supply networks.  

Today our projects represent sophisticated plants:
  • Drinking water supply
  • Sewage water disposal
  • Natural gas supply
  • District heat supply
  • Rainwater management and treatment
  • Sewer rehabilitation (certified in compliance with DWA)
  • Coordination of municipal supply networks (natural gas, water, electrical supply, district heating, telecommunications, waste water)


We furthermore offer our support in realising the following foundation engineering projects:

  • Earthwork, ground construction
  • Foundation engineering
  • Foundation
  • Securing gaps, supporting walls etc.
  • Embankments



  • Rehabilitation of the MWK Zwenkauer Str. / Krakauer Str. Markranstädt
  • Rerouting / replacement of TWL
  • Landsberger Bridge in Leipzig
  • Restoration of the combined wastewater line / replacement of the drinking water line Paul- List-Straße
  • Replacement of combined wastewater line / TWL Raschwitzer Straße Markkleeberg, 2nd construction stage
  • Replacement of TWL Am Wiesengrund, Großdalzig
  • Replacement of combined wastewater line / TWL Lausener Straße Markranstädt
  • Development of Plösitz untreated waste water, drinking water
  • Disposal of untreated waste water Taucha, OT Seegeritz
  • Development of residential estate [untreated waste water] / Kirschbergsiedlung Lpz. Grünau [drinking water]
  • Replacement ofcombined wastewater line / drinking water lineOtto-Schmidt-Straße  
  • Drinking water line Torgauer Straße 
  • combined wastewater line / drinking water lineLeipziger Straße Markranstädt 
  • Refurbishment of 2nd northern main collector Poetenweg

Verkehrs- und Tiefbauamt Stadt Leipzig [traffic and civil and underground engineering authority]
  • Rain water drainage at the railway underpass Heuweg in Leipzig
  • Rain water disposal including retaining channels and rainwater retention basinNordtangente Leipzig

Association for sewage treatment Eisleben-Süßer See
  • Assessment of rainwater network

WSTC GmbH Magdeburg
  • Supraregional pressure pipeline of the association for sewage treatment from Rothenschirmbachto the sewage purification plantOsterhausen

Spiekermann GmbH
  • Runway / landing runway South with apron, forcemain for drain water
  • Apron extension North Leipzig-Halle Airport gas / water
  • Rail track drainage at airfreight cargo transfer station Leipzig Airport
  • Filling station fuel depot at the Airport 

GbR Grauwackeweg [private Partnership]
  • Development of housing estate with regard to waste water, Grauwackeweg, Leipzig - Großzschocher